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Diverso was born out of the admiration of the Italian ‘artisan’ culture of days gone by – where small family-run laboratories use fine luxurious materials and ‘hand’ methods passed down through generations to make products of quality and integrity.

Our quest from the outset has been to use this manufacturing heritage to create something beautiful, interesting and a little different. A tireless eagerness to create, innovate and improve every Diverso collection starts with extensive research, fabric studies, and days spent in our factories with ‘master’ pattern cutters and craftsmen – whose wealth of experience enriches the design process.

In each factory we work to improve past models, prototype initial ideas, and experiment with new fabrics/trimmings many times over before the final collection is conceived.

The inspiration behind each collection has no one singular source. Working with fabrics and design archives, advancing new ideas within factories, researching styles of times gone by are all elements that contribute to each season’s creative process.

We don’t strictly follow seasonal trends or colours but instead seek to develop our own direction and essentially create a ‘wardrobe’ of clothes and accessories that we ourselves want to wear.

Each season is an evolution of the last using fabrics, textures, trimmings and designs that we are excited about resulting in elegant, wearable yet interesting menswear for gentlemen who want to the look the best they possibly can.

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