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More than 12 family-run factories, each operating in Italy for many decades - together create each and every Diverso collection.

Our artisan producers - each with its own in-house team of pattern cutters, cutters, technicians and machinists - are absolute masters in their field - highly experienced to make just one part of the Diverso collection the best it can possibly be.

Our shirt-makers, for example, have been making shirts their whole lives. They are experts at making just shirts - understanding not only every millimeter of each shirts construction, but also the characteristics and function of every fabric, trimming and button used in its making.

Every factory embraces new technology but skilled handwork and experienced eyes are still the fundamental tools of its trade. Patterns are all hand drawn, fabrics are all hand cut and many sewing and finishing procedures still done by hand.

With skills, expertise and passion passed down through the generations – each Diverso product is made to the highest standard possible and it is these experienced craftsmen that turn our designs and ideas into reality.

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